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The Middle School Leadership Program (MSLP) is presented to provide and inspire MS Students to become better citizens through leadership theory and practical application, discipline, and service to the community while improving core literacy skills.

Our vision is to produce strong leaders with practical experience in academics, communications, life skills, challenging MS competitions, and teamwork/team building among their peers.  Providing problem solving skills that demonstrate strong leadership principles using moral and ethical decision making, contributing to their service to community and country.

MSLP engages Cadets in the practices of leadership, citizenship, physical fitness, self-discipline, and activities such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) -- Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles, Rocketry, High Altitude Balloons, Drones, Remote Control Aircraft, and Cyber Activity/Security.  Cadets also participate in Drill and Ceremony, Color Guard and life skills such as First Aid, CPR, Physical Fitness, Archery, and Community Service Projects.

The program sees a return on investment by saving lives through the after school mentorship program.  It fills a gap between middle school and high school, and is a niche for students that don't fit your typical scholar/athlete organizations.  MSLP creates responsible citizens wanting to take on challenges with leadership experiences.  MSLP is place of belonging and confidence builder for students.

Class registration carries a laboratory fee of $10 for Exploratory Leadership (6th grade) and $20 for Annual Leadership  (7th & 8th grade).